In a VUCA world, in an era of outrage and distrust, leadership must proactively respond or perish.

Leading nowadays is like never before. And, for the vast majority of organisations across the globe, leadership is made so much more difficult by working in an increasingly VUCA world. Too often, leaders are struggling, employing strategies, worldviews and behaviours that no longer work. Disengaging the market, customers and influential stakeholders. Unsuccessfully solving the bigger picture opportunities available.

Subsequently, leaders need to identify new ways of thinking and doing that are appropriate to the transformative change that is occurring, worldwide. And that’s where Exec Intelligence strategic coaching can make a difference.

David employs the Exec Intelligence premium service to sensitively support leaders to tame the strategically complex social and environmental issues that your organisation faces, including megatrends and the prevention and reduction of stakeholder outrage.

With experience in coaching and advising executive leaders in some of the most trying situations imaginable – from the peak of stakeholder outrage through to finding shared strategic directions with influential stakeholders – David doesn’t use a one size fits all approach.

Rather, calling on cutting edge methodologies, he passionately works with executive leaders to better understand themselves, their leadership style and the environment in which they operate in. And by doing so, support the development of ingenious game changer solutions to protect their competitive advantage, reputation, performance and growth.

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