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Why are so many government agencies getting nothing out of their strategic planning cycle? Read David Ross’ newly released point of view paper – Chaos to Clarity: The Need for Transformed Strategic Planning in a Transforming World to find out how to achive more.
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Why are so many organisation’s sustainability & CSR programmes stuck in a rut? Read David Ross’ newly released whitepaper – The Sustainability of Strategy – Transforming Unsustainable Ways of Doing Business to find not only why, but how to start transforming your enterprise’s efforts.Download Sustainability of Strategy


  • Moree Plains: Avoiding Organisational Ego

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  • Outrage Management Masterclass: Learnings

    Outrage Management Masterclass

  • FACS: Instigating Direction and Collaboration

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Phoenix is a boutique for-benefit management consulting firm. Started in 2009, the enterprise exists to support transformational change that benefits enterprises, communities and the environment. This is achieved by calling on expertise in sustainability, corporate strategy, strategic foresight, community development, stakeholder engagement, and facilitation.



Improving reputation and performance is always a challenge. For many, progress towards optimal performance is being hampered by “wicked problems”, waves of external social, economical and/or environmental changes that have no precdent or may not have a clear solution but still impact upon the majority of enterprises. In response, leading enterprises are increasingly addressing their social and environmental opportunities and challenges as part of their overall corporate strategy – and in a more collaborative manner with key stakeholders. However, as many are finding, this is no easy task with many often finding it a challenge to deliver noticeable returns. Subsequently, we get a thrill out of facilitating clients to identify that what is often hampering them is the “old ways of doing things”. By involving not only the client but also key stakeholders in identifying the context, an enhanced strategy (or narrative), program of initiatives and engagement is achieved. In short, a more strategic, commercial and collaborative approach is crafted.


All of Phoenix’s services are an extenstion of our philosophy: Foresight: To help you shape and solidfy the future direction of your business. People: To gain the support of your staff and management in embrancing change. Community: To show how your organisation can positively affect the communities in which it operates, and the wider environment we all share. Practical Solutions: To convert plans into action in the most realistic, cost-effective way possible. This philosophy is a guiding principle for every project, helping us and our clients balance the important issues: how to achieve financial sustainability with equal consideration for social and environmental sustainability as well. This is a strong societal trend that looks likely to become even more of a legislative and regulatory trend over time. Starting today, we can help you be better placed in this new business landscape.

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  • The turnaround in the discussions over the past 12 months has been amazing - primarily because of your facilitation, David.

    Resident, Newington
  • David Ross is an insightful and committed consultant. His ability to listen to “the problem” with the patience and understanding of complex situations and issues is refreshing. More than this David is clearly results driven and can turn a problem into an opportunity for layered resolution. His use of Designer Tone was very therapeutic and entertaining but also created a series of drawings that represented complex and deep issues in a way that resonated with our staff and stakeholders. I would not hesitate to recommended David Ross and Tone to support any change management and conflict resolution work. The strategic insights and ability to effortlessly work across audiences was truly valued in the change piece we are doing.

    Eugene McGarrell | District Director of Family & Community Services
  • I found David to be a thoughtful and thought-provoking facilitator. He was very personable and created a comfortable environment where we (conference delegates) were able to ask questions and comment freely. David’s outrage management workshop, at which he shared his knowledge and passion for sustainability, was also excellent. I took a lot away from the conference and workshop – much of it due to David’s first-rate facilitation.

    Jessica Vonthethoff | Communications Consultant of SA Power Networks