About Us

The Phoenix Difference

All of Phoenix’s services are an extension of our philosophy:
  • Foresight: to help you shape and solidfy the future direction of your business.
  • People: to gain the support of your staff and management in embracing change.
  • Community: to show how your organisation can positively affect the communities in which it operates, and the wider environment we all share.
  • Practical solutions: to convert plans into action in the most realistic, cost-effective way possible.
This philosophy is a guiding principle for every project, helping us and our clients balance the important issues: how to achieve financial sustainability with equal consideration for social and environmental sustainability as well. This is a strong societal trend that looks likely to become even more of a legislative and regulatory trend over time. Starting today, we can help you be better placed in this new business landscape.


As founding Director of Phoenix, David had previously held diverse positions and had some powerful experiences that finally made coherent sense once “the voice in his head” told him in 2008 he should set up his own business. That was when he decided the only way to support companies and communities to make transformational change of benefit to themselves, society and the natural environment was to create something unique, himself. Phoenix.

So, he now calls on that coherent background in genuine strategy and strategic planning, sustainability, strategic foresight, stakeholder engagement and facilitation, to help companies and communities explore wicked challenges and offer structured and participatory solutions.

He passionately believes that there are better, more authentic, solutions available to meet the related needs of industry and community than is often the norm.

Outside of work, people’s eyes roll when he explains his commitment as a fan to the Western Sydney Wanderers. For someone who is often told he is incredibly calm when independently dealing with outraged stakeholders or staff, he can become a little bit crazed at poor refereeing that always goes against the Wanderers. Obviously.

With his family and friends, he enjoys helping out the local school, coaching a soccer team (but reverts back to refreshingly calm David) and running. The running is a great way of maintaining his denial that he will never age. And he loves spending time connecting with nature.

Position: Founding Director

Experience: 20 years in the private and public sectors in roles as diverse as Head of Strategy for an energy company through to managing environmental impact statements in a consulting practice and, advising on environmental releases from some of NSW’s biggest dams. This called on an expertise in strategy, environmental management, community development, outrage and opposition, leadership, internal communications, process improvement, OH&S.

Skills: Facilitation, chairing, coaching, program reviews, report writing. The ability to work with anyone from CEOs to members of the poorest communities in Australia.


People comment on how organised Phoenix is and how, for example, invoices actually get paid on time. That’s not because David runs a well-oiled machine. It’s because Debbie knows how to wield a big stick to keep David focussed. Behind the scenes, she manages sub-contractor support staff, undertakes support services on projects, and makes sure that our customer systems are up to date. And more!

When Debbie is not working, she is often pushed into moments of glory saving dogs walking aimlessly along the street. With a passion for our canine friends, she cannot bear to see poor pooches lost and will think nothing of dropping all on her plate to bring joy back to a worried owner. Oh and then there is the need to play bus-driver on weekends getting the kids to their events / manage soccer teams. If only they wouldn’t distract Debs from searching for that next stray dog.

Experience: Nearly 30 years experience as a Senior PA / Executive Assistant working for the senior managers in a variety of industries such as Agriculture, Maritime, Engineering and manufacturing to name just a few. Whilst caring for her 1 year old baby (and pregnant with No. 2) Debbie successfully established a virtual assistant (VA) business which grew into a second multi-VA business.

Skills: All things related to supporting a Manager / an office, database management (ACT!, Infusionsoft), basic online accounting programs (Xero), online project management programs, transcription, presentations, spreadsheets etc.