5.4 Earths Needed if the World Lived Liked Australia

5.4 Earths Needed if the World Lived Like Australia

EcoWatch is reporting that the annual resource budget has been used up at its quickest rate ever and that humanity will hit Earth Overshoot Day five days earlier than last year.

I’ve posted previously about the doomsday clock being stuck at three minutes to midnight and how that was met with minimal attention by the media, here in Australia.  (What was frightening about that was a colleague telling me that it got no attention in the US).  And I’ve posted about the need for stories of hope in the face of news like this that is complex – and downright scary.

It’s only too easy to revert to our hectic lives, and deal with these issues (or not) on our own – all at a time when we need to collaborate more.  At a time when we need to hear those positive stories.

So what are yours? Where are you seeing efforts to tackle the systemic? Because I could sure do with hearing more.